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In 2015, New York City FC appeared set to start its inaugural season with a bang. The team signed players like world-class Spanish striker David Villa and Chelsea FC legend Frank Lampard. Although Villa continued to prove his prowess on the field – scoring 18 of the team’s 49 goals to become the fourth leading scorer in the MLS – it just wasn’t enough as the team succumbed to placing third last in the Eastern Conference and failed to make a playoff appearance.

Along with the New York Red Bulls, New York City FC is one of the two MLS teams currently based in the Big Apple.

The team’s inaugural season was in 2015, making New York City one of the more recent franchises to join Major League Soccer. Do you happen to be a fan of Manchester City FC? Don’t be surprised by the similar looking uniforms of Manchester City and NYC. Manchester City FC is one of the NYC FC’s owners alongside the MLB’s New York Yankees. Like Manchester City – who have Manchester United as its cross-town rival – NYC has the Red Bulls to battle with.

During the 2015 season, an 11-game winless streak from March to mid-June essentially crushed the team’s chances of making a postseason appearance. With the failures of the inaugural season, NYC FC will be determined to become a contender in the MLS. The return of Villa, Lampard, and other key players should give New York City the talent to stack up against the New York Red Bulls and potentially become a championship team. Whether the team can play to the level that is expected of them remains to be seen. 


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With the 11-game winless streak having taken enough of a toll on the team in 2015, is New York City likely to avoid such a recurrence this year?

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Having failed to make a strong start in its franchise debut, is New York City likely to come out with a more powerful punch this season?

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New York City FC have capable scorers like David Villa. However, the team’s biggest weak spot was allowing too many scoring opportunities. In 2015, NYC FC’s goal differential was -9.

With a total of 58 goals against, NYC tied with the Chicago Fire and Toronto FC for the highest in the league. However, this was more indicative of poor team defense issue than it being an issue in goal. Josh Saunders – starting goalkeeper for NYC – faced 188 shots in 2015, the most of all MLS goalkeeprs. Saunders successfully saved 123 of those 188 shots, but was forced to work harder than any other player in his position. NYC requires stronger defense if its goal is to produce a more successful season.

David Villa: NYC’s Driving Force

Very few in the sport of soccer can match the skill and talent of Spanish striker David Villa. Villa began his professional football career with Sporting de Gijon back in 2000. Over the years, he’s had a decorated career both for club and country.

Villa made a name for himself during his time in La Liga – Spain’s top professional sootball league. Today, he is the captain of New York City FC and brings a combination of strong leadership and scoring ability to the team.

Villa has innumerable accomplishments as a footballer. In 2015, Villa brought his scoring prowess from La Liga onto the field for NYC FC. From 2005 to 2009, Villa was Valencia FC’s top scorer for five consecutive seasons.

During the 2015 MLS season, Villa’s 18 goals made him the fourth leading scorer in the MLS. On top of his many club career accomplishments, he also holds the record for most goals on the Spanish national team with 59 and has made appearances in many international matches, which includes a FIFA World Cup victory in 2010.

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