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The Chicago Bears are currently in rough shape and if you were paying attention it was probably easy to see coming. The Bears find themselves in the mix of a very tough NFC North Division. The [+]

Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings are always improving and if Chicago doesn’t make some drastic changes they, along with the Detroit Lions, will once again be left behind. The franchise is going through a transitional period but with some adjustments can get back to winning ways. After all, they have a very rich and successful history in the NFL – something the fans are keen to revisit.

If you’re looking to bet on the Bears, then you need to stay away from any futures. They have no chance at Division, Conference or Super Bowl glory yet.

The way to make money on Chicago is  hand-picking select games, perhaps over/under markets through good research and crunching the numbers. This will allow you to make some healthy profits regardless of where the Bears end up this season. 

Chicago Bears Betting Lines Today

Below you will find the Bears next regular season game. All of the key information is in the table below and will help you formulate the right betting strategy.  [+]

Up-to-date odds are displayed for money lines and, perhaps more importantly in Chicago’s case, spreads and over/unders.

These are always up to date, so be sure to come back and check before you place your bets as the lines are constantly moving.


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Chicago Bears Scores & Schedule

All of the past and future games for the Bears are displayed below. This can help you spot upcoming trends of form and allow you to map out your betting for future weeks. [+]

Past games help you analyze current form. This can help you more accurately predict the spread and over/under markets.


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Chicago Bears Standings Right Now

Below you will find the up-to-date standings Bears standings. Current form is not everything but this will help you determine what each team in the division has to play for. [+]

The Bears will more than likely find themselves near the bottom of this list and contending for draft places. They won’t be battling for the division title and are unlikely to get a playoff spot.

The only possible play from the standings is the over under win total for the Bears. Too early to predict now, but come back periodically over the season to get a good idea of whether or not they will make the over.

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How To Win At Chicago Bears Betting

The Bears have for the most part been part of high-scoring games in recent seasons so bet the over if at all possible. This was due to the fact they had an exciting and capable attack paired with a leaky defense.

However, that is no longer the case. The 2015 season showed us that the offense is no longer capable of putting up high numbers, especially as the squad was plagued by injuries.

The 2015 regular season saw the Bears finish 11th in Rushing yards, finishing on 1,854 or just a hair under 116 yards per game.

Their passing was much worse, ranked 23rd with 228.8 yards and 21st in total yards with 344.6. This is a very poor showing for a team that was once known for a great offensive game. It was a big part of the reason they finished in fourth place in NFC North.

You may assume unders is the bet then, but you would be wrong. Their defense is still poor and they usually concede enough to make the under a no-go.

On the defensive side of things they were 22nd in the league in rushing yards allowed (120.9 yards per game). A silver lining, though, the Bears were 4th in pass defense, only allowing 224.6 yards each encounter.

The bears allowed 345.4 yards per game, which was good for 14th place. Unfortunately, the Bears bled points more frequently, allowing 24.8 each game which put them in 20th place in the league. 

Quarterback Jay Cutler played quite well in 2015 and we can expect him to continue improving. 

Cutler threw for 21 touchdowns, 11 interceptions and 3,659 yards in 2015. He was able to narrowly edgedinto the top 20 QB for the season. The Bears will need Cutler to play even better if they expect to compete each and every game with the more fancied teams in the division. 

The bears have no realistic chance at making a run in 2016. My advice is to hold out early, watch some games, take note of how well they’re scoring and plan accordingly. 

Where to Bet on Chicago Bears Online?

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