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Formed from the remnants of the American Football League when the NFL-AFL merger officially took effect in 1970, the AFC apparently wasn’t informed by those in charge of professional football that it was supposed to be second-best. The AFC were the winners in six of the first seven AFC-NFC Super Bowl showdowns and factoring in the wins by AFL teams in last two NFL-AFL Super Bowl games, it meant that AFL/AFC teams won eight of nine Super Bowls between Super Bowls III and XI.  [+]

The AFC/AFL team was favored in six of those wins and covered the spread on five occasions. The New York Jets (Super Bowl III) and Kansas City Chiefs (Super Bowl IV) won outright as significant underdogs. The Baltimore Colts were favored by 18 points over the Jets and lost 16-7, while the Minnesota Vikings were a 12-point pick over the Chiefs and dropped a 23-7 decision.

AFC Betting Lines Today

The NFL moved three of its teams to the AFC to balance the league out into two 13-team conferences when the merger was put into effect in 1970. The Baltimore Colts joined the AFC East, while the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cleveland Browns joined the AFC Central. [+]

The Steelers and Colts played significant roles in turning the AFC into an early power. The Colts won Super Bowl V, the first AFC-NFC showdown, by a 16-13 count on Jim O’Brien’s last-play field goal. Baltimore played in the first two AFC Championship Games and won four of the first eight AFC East titles.

Pittsburgh never made the playoffs prior to the merger but in 1972, won the AFC Central title, launching a string of eight straight playoff appearances. By 1980, the Steelers had won a record four Super Bowls.

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AFC East Standings Right Now

This is where you will find the current AFC standings and in recent years, three teams have dominated play in the AFC. The New England Patriots own the AFC East, winning seven of the last eight division titles. [+]

In the AFC North, the Pittsburgh Steelers have won six titles since 2002, while the Denver Broncos own five successive AFC West crowns. Between them, those three teams have represented the AFC in five of the last six and seven of the past nine Super Bowl games.

In the AFC South, the Indianapolis Colts are the dominant team, capturing six division titles and appearing in two Super Bowls since 2003. 

American Football Conference
American Football Conference
# team P W L + - %
1 New England Patriots New England Patriots 11 9 2 293 197 0.818
2 Miami Dolphins Miami Dolphins 11 7 4 249 240 0.636
3 Buffalo Bills Buffalo Bills 11 6 5 281 236 0.545
4 New York Jets New York Jets 11 3 8 196 266 0.273
1 Baltimore Ravens Baltimore Ravens 11 6 5 218 201 0.545
2 Pittsburgh Steelers Pittsburgh Steelers 11 6 5 266 222 0.545
3 Cincinnati Bengals Cincinnati Bengals 11 3 7 213 245 0.273
4 Cleveland Browns Cleveland Browns 12 0 12 197 352 0
1 Houston Texans Houston Texans 11 6 5 194 236 0.545
2 Tennessee Titans Tennessee Titans 12 6 6 308 296 0.500
3 Indianapolis Colts Indianapolis Colts 11 5 6 270 301 0.455
4 Jacksonville Jaguars Jacksonville Jaguars 11 2 9 214 293 0.182
1 Oakland Raiders Oakland Raiders 11 9 2 307 275 0.818
2 Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs 11 8 3 252 214 0.727
3 Denver Broncos Denver Broncos 11 7 4 266 219 0.636
4 San Diego Chargers San Diego Chargers 11 5 6 313 291 0.455

How To Make Money On AFC East Betting

The AFC has won three of the last four Super Bowls, ending a three-year run of success by the NFC, with both the Baltimore Ravens (XLVII) and Denver Broncos (50) winning as outright underdogs.

You might want to avoid betting on the AFC team in the Super Bowl when they are the favorites, however. The last five AFC Super Bowl favorites have either failed to cover (twice) or lost outiright (three times). The New England Patriots may be a powerhouse in terms of Super Bowl success, but they aren’t a powerhouse in terms of the wagering public, losing outright or failing to cover in each of the last four Super Bowls in which they were listed as the favorite.

New England hasn’t fared much better in AFC Championship Games. In the last five AFC title contests in which they were favored, the Patriots covered once, failed to cover twice and lost outright twice.

The Oakland Raiders played in six of the first eight AFC Championship Games, went 1-5 and twice lost outright as a betting favorite. The Miami Dolphins won three straight AFC titles between 1972-74 and covered the spread as favorites in each game.  

The Buffalo Bills are the only team to win four straight AFC titles. Favored in all four games, they covered in three of them. The Houston Oilers/Tennessee Titans are the only franchise to play in as many as four AFC Championship Games without ever enjoying home field advantage or favorite status. They won 33-14 at Jacksonville in 1999-2000 as a seven-point underdog for their only Super Bowl appearance.

Be wary when the oddsmakers offer a double-digit spread on the AFC Championship. Traditionally this has proven to be a favorites’ graveyard. In 1992, Buffalo was an 11-point pick over Denver and won 10-7. Pittsburgh was a 12-point choice over Indianapolis in 1995-96 but won just 20-16. The Steelers were a 10-point choice against New England in 2001-02 and lost outright 24-17. And New England was a 14-point choice over San Diego in 2007-08 and carried the day, but only by a 21-12 count.