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The San Diego Padres are part of the National League West division of Major League Baseball, and are one of two teams to originate from California; the other is Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Established in 1969, the Padres are one of the newer MLB franchises, yet have still managed to win five West Division titles, and two National League Pennants. The NL Pennants came in 1984 and 1998, two years that the Padres reached the World Series final only to lose on both occasions. [+]

2015 saw the Padres finish fourth in the National League West with a 74-88 (.457) record, which placed them 23rd in the MLB overall. Pundits laid the blame at the many changes throughout the roster.

This season could be even worse for the San Diego outfit because there have been even more changes to the roster, the majority of them sure to have a negative impact on the overall performance of the team.

Leftfielder Justin Upton, who hit 26 home runs last year, now plays for the Tigers, and leaves a huge hole in a thin batting line-up.

Padres’ pitching rotation is not exactly fantastic, while losing closer Craig Kimbrel (who recorded 39 saves in 2015), and setup reliever Joaquin Benoit could prove costly because even with those two in the side, San Diego’s bullpen accumulated 4.02 ERA, ranking 13th in the National League.

Whether you’re betting for or against them, we will show you the best San Diego Padres betting sites available to you today.

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Most of the major simulations predict another fourth place finish for the Padres in 2016, do the current San Diego Padres standings reflect that right now? Let’s take a look.

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Most of the major simulations predict another fourth place finish for the Padres in 2016, do the current San Diego Padres standings reflect that right now? Let’s take a look.

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How To Win At San Diego Padres Betting

If the Padres are going to remain in contention for the playoffs in 2016, they need Wil Myers to remain fit and healthy. Myers played only 60 games for the Padres last season, yet still contributed with .253/.336/.427 for a 114 OPS+ in 253 plate appearances.

As the Padres won .457 of the 2015 regular season fixtures, they can be a difficult team to bet on accurately, although they are stronger at home, having a 2015 record of 39-42 compares to 35-46. 

Injuries are a key factor in any MLB team, but more so with the Padres who are light on the ground in several areas, so make sure you check the latest team news for any information about injuries.

Otherwise, the best way to win at San Diego Padres betting it to make sure that you have researched past results (including head-to-head results), and every other aspect of the game.

Then find yourself the best Padres betting lines from our betting partners in the table below, and choose one that offers great odds and a large baseball sign up bonus. Do this, and you’re more than halfway there. 

As a unit, the Padres are not the best batters in the world, ranked 23/30 in the 2015 season with an average of .243 and only 650 runs scored; not one San Diego player made it into the top 50 of the batting statistics.

Pitching wasn’t much better, finishing 20th in the rankings, allowing a batting average of .252 for their opponents and allowing 731 runs.