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For all the available records in baseball, the Chicago Cubs own the one that nobody wants. Having won their last, also their second, World Series in 1908, the Cubs have endured the longest championship drought of any major North American professional sports team, earning them the nickname of the “Loveable Losers.” That may be all set to change in 2016 because the Chicago Cubs are the hot topic on every Major League Baseball fan’s lips, could this really be their year? [+]

In 2015, the Cubs finished third in the National League Central division with a record of 97-65. In any of the other National League or American League divisions, this would have been enough to win.

After finishing their final 10 games 8-2, Cubs fans were hopeful of a World Series title, and grew more hopeful when they beat the St. Louis Cardinals 3-1 to qualify for the NLCS for the first time in 12 years.

However, they were swept by the Pittsburgh Pirates 4-0 in those games, including a complete shutout, to miss out on a World Series place. 

The Cubs are the preseason favorites to win the World Series. Every statistical projection system labels them as the future champions.

With Rookie of the Year Kris Bryant, slugger Kyle Schwarber, and star signings Jason Heyward and Ben Zobrist, 2016 really looks like the Cubs could end their World Series drought.

The only potential weak point in the team is their pitching. They failed to attract David Price, but fell $50 million short of the Red Sox’s winning deal, instead signing John Lackey who is a proven winner, but some say is unlikely to repeat his career best figures now he’s aged 37-years-old.

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You can expect the Chicago Cubs to be hot favorites in almost, if not every, game they play during 2016. Want to know what the latest Cubs betting lines are? Look below to find out. 

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Check out the Cubs latest scores and schedule in the multi-info widget below, especially if you plan on looking well into the future to foment a sound betting strategy.  [+]

The Cubs’ home and away records were similar in 2015, with their home form being 49-32 and away being 48-33. Both, home especially, should improve in 2016.



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Are the Cubs doing as expected and leading the National League Central division from the front? Let’s take a look at the Chicago Cubs standing right now.

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How To Win At Chicago Cubs Betting

Those of you looking at way to win at Chicago Cubs betting have come to the right place, basically, our advice would be to simply bet on them to win! This may seem silly, but the Cubs look so strong that they are going to win many more games than they lose this season.

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