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The Washington Nationals have existed in the lower levels of Major League Baseball for some time, but look set to react to mediocrity with strength in 2016, after one of the most disappointing years in their history. Could ‘The Nats’ as they are known be on the cusp of greatness? Once based in Montreal, the club was purchased by MLB in 2002 and moved to Washington in 2005. They’re one of just two teams (along with the Seattle Mariners) who have never appeared in the World Series final itself. [+]

Washington Nationals in 2016 are managed by Dusty Baker, who will be hoping to bring his record of a World Series win, several pennants and general success in taking teams to the postseason to The Nats.

Known for having one of the best players in the National League in outfielder Bryce Harper, the Nats will be hoping they can keep pitchers like Stephen Strasburg and infielders such as Anthony Rendon fit all season to drive them forward.


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With some of the best pitchers in the National League, the Washington Nationals are one of the favorites for the East Division title. But what is the latest moneyline on their next game?

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Check out all the latest results for the Washington Nationals as they bid to take the East Division title in the National League.


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After a great start to 2016, the battle for the NL East Division title looks like becoming a shootout between The Nats and The New York Mets. Check out the latest standings below.


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The Washington Nationals moved from +1800 to +1100 in the first four weeks of the season, telling you just how more fancied they are now after their 14-4 start to surge top of the National League East Division. After a poor 2015 which ended in a dugout scrap against the Philadelphia Phillies, The Nats have a lot more to look forward to in 2016, with a playoff run looking more than likely.

So, does their great start point to a crushing victory for them in NL East Division? Well, maybe but the value isn’t there. The New York Mets are looking only marginally less strong and the Mets get progressively better as the season culminates.

Last season saw Bryce Harper star for The Nats. If he can manage anywhere close to his 153 games last year, then he will be a potent weapon.

But the Nats need to keep their other big players such as Ryan Zimmerman fit and healthy to have a chance in postseason. Anthony Rendon has started well and can post fantastic stats over a consistent period.

Pitching is one of The Nats’ strengths, and they will be one of the picks defensively. The moneyline on wins is cast at 89.5, which may look high as an over/under, but the standard of the division means that if the Nats have the edge on The Mets in their meetings, then a 90-win regular season is more likely.

After a difficult 2015, we think The Nats are going to be a force to be reckoned with throughout the campaign. If they reach the postseason with a clean bill of health, then we love them as a bet for the Series itself. The unwanted record of never appearing in a World Series final could end in 2016.