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Like death and taxes, the New York Yankees in the playoffs seems to be one of life’s givens. Lately, though, the Bronx Bombers have simply bombed. Sure, they squeaked into the American League playoffs as a widlcard team in 2015 but the standards are much higher for the Yankees. It’s World Series or bust for them and that end result hasn’t been delivered since 2009. And that was New York’s only playoff apperance in three seasons following a run of 17 seasons of postseason play in 18 years. [+]

Meanwhile, the New York Mets represented the National League in the 2015 World Series. Yeah, things are tough in Yankeeland.

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The New York Yankees led the American League East Division for much of the 2015 season but who would have bet on their massive skid down the stretch, a 10-16 finish? 


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The New York Yankees scores and schedule are here and as is always the case, no matter how they are faring, there will be plenty of attention focused on the fortunes of this ballclub.


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The New York Yankees up to date standing in both the American League East Division and the wildcard playoff chase are right here and it you are betting on the Yankees making it to the postseason, the latter would seem their best hope.


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You did, if you were paying attention to the Yankees’ pitching staff, which served up 181 home runs, second-worst in the American League and worst among AL playoff teams. With the limited talent that’s been at the disposal of Yankees manager Joe Girardi the past few seasons, due to the rash of injures incurred by his aging lineup, posting winning campaigns in each of them and making the playoffs on one occasion might be considered impressive if they weren’t forced to live up to typical Yankees expectations.

At risk of being accused of ageism, the Yankees’ problems may stem from their batting order, which features seven of nine regulars in their 30s and three of them 36 or older.

The Yankees face the dilemma of a lot of teams whose fan base demand that they perennially contend for titles – how do they get younger and keep winning at the same time? The Yankees are never permitted to rebuild. It’s either win or reload. There are no five-year plans where the Yankees are concerned.


The talent is there for the New York Yankees to make a run at the American League East Division title but a number of factors will be required to go the right way in order for things to fall into place for the Yankees.

There’s no doubt that the Yankees can score runs. New York was second in the American League in 2015, averaging 4.72 runs per game but that was only second best in the American League East Division behind Toronto’s potent attack that garnered 5.5 runs per game.

While the Yankees will tend to hit a lot of home runs, they aren’t a gap-hitting ballclub, rarely piling up many doubles or triples, which is another stat that may also speak to their aging lineup. 

New York’s starting pitching is decent, but there’s not much depth and any significant injuries to the Yankee rotation would spell disaster. If the Yankees can get even average work from their rotation, the sort of starts that combined with their potent attack can keep them in games, their bullpen just might contain the best arms in baseball. 

Yankee pitchers struck out 1370 batters in 2015, which ranked them No. 1 in the American League East Division and second in all of the American League.

First and foremost is the health of the ballclub. Players like Alex Rodriquez, Mark Texeira and Carlos Beltran can still swing a bat and put the ball in play, but staying healthy enough to be a continuous factor is the real issue here. It’s the same story with the starting rotation but for a different reason. The pitchers who take the hill for the Yankees aren’t that old in baseball years, but there’s not much depth behind them in the team’s farm system, so any long-term ailments among the starting five will quickly derail Yankee pennant hopes.


Perhaps because he manages the Yankees and there’s an impression among baseball people that New York can solve any problem simply by throwing money at it, Yankee skipper Joe Girardi’s talents as a big league manager tend to be underrated and overlooked.

What he’s been able to get out of an injury-riddled lineup the past few years makes you wonder what the Yankees could do were they to stay healthy for a season. But in the grinding, 162-game campaign that is the Major League Baseball season, betting on any team avoiding at least some sort of injury bug is a wager that’s unlikely to have the outcome of a winner.