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Perennial underachievers, the Seattle Mariners have been part of the American League since 1977 but are yet to win the World Series, one of only eight teams in that category. Along with the Washington Nationals, The Mariners are one of just two teams never to have reached the postseason showpiece. As a team they may have fallen short, but they have had some of baseball’s finest on their roster at one point or another, including Félix Hernández, who has made five All-Star appearances as a member of the Seattle Mariners. [+]

That doesn’t mean you can’t make some serious money from the teams named after the marine life Seattle is famed for. The Mariners finished 76-86 in 2015 and missed out on the playoffs. The Mariners, with Houston Astros winning a Wild Card berth instead of them in 2015, and 2014 seeing the Mariners miss out in the last game of the regular season, will be desperate to make up ground on their rivals and play themselves back into contention for a playoff place in 2016. 

While they haven’t achieved the greatest honor in Major League Baseball, the Mariners lay claim to the most wins (116) in MLB hisory. Having failed to make the playoffs, manager McClendon was fired after the 2015 season, finishing with a record of 163 wins and 161 losses. Scott Servais was the hired as the team’s new manager ahead of the 2016 season.

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Be sure to check latest team picks as while The Mariners’ strongest side will test any opponent, they don’t have the strongest roster in the American League West Division.

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You’ll want to keep an eye on the latest results for the Seattle Mariners. Whether it is in King’s Court at Safeco Field or on the road, analysing recent results will give you the best chance of predicting patterns that can improve your chances of beating the sportsbook.

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Can the Seattle Mariners make the playoffs? To have a hope of taking part in the postseason party, the Mariners are going to need to come in the top two of the AL West Division.

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Finishing with a record of 76-86 in 2015 was bad enough for the Seattle Mariners, but their home record at Safeco Field was even worse than their stats on the road. The Mariners’ start to 2016 doesn’t look to be breaking this pattern, with their first 18 games yielding a 9-9 record that boasts four straight on-the-road series wins.

While the Mariners are known for big hitting, their offense and defense lines are below the league average. Defensively, they have been under 7.5 runs on the moneyline more often than not. Monitor team selection carefully in order to eploit this betting avenue.

With an early record of .252 and an average of 5.3 runs away from home compared to  .170 and 1.8 runs at Safeco Field, any Mariners fan could be forgiven for having the hometown blues. But last time the Seattle Mariners won four series on the road to kick of a season was in 2001, when they posted that record-breaking 116-win campaign, so it’s not all bad news.