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The Oakland Athletics are one of the most successful MLB teams of all-time, winning nine World Series titles in their history. They haven’t won since 1989. Playing in the American League’s tough West Division, The A’s are an enigma of a side, unpredictable and inconsistent on many occasions, but there is still a lot of value to be had in following their trends. Despite being ranked in third place for World Series wins in Major League Baseball history, The A’s have come up short in recent seasons. Can they get back to former glory?

Playing their home games at the Oakland Coliseum, Oakland Athletics are famous for the Hall of Fame legend Connie Mack (big in the game back when they hailed from Philadelphia) and players such as Catfish Hunter, Reggie Jackson and the brilliantly named Rollie Fingers. They are all part of the side that won three World Championships in a row between 1972-1974. Now they must find a way to build a new dynasty, after the false dawn of back-to-back 90-win seasons in 2012 and 2013 still didn’t bring home the World Series for that elusive 10th title.

The A’s undoubtedly face a mission to rebuild before they can even think about making the playoffs. But having traded two minor league players for Brett Lawrie, they have brought in a 26-year-old player with consistency at the bat and in the field.

Pitcher Sonny Gray has the potential to improve on his excellent recent record, with his ERA dropping from 3.08 two seasons ago to 2.73 in 2015. If he can continue his upward curve, then so too in theory can the Oakland Athletics. 



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The A’s have already proved in 2016 that they’re capable of performing when the moneyline suggests they won’t. Find out the latest odds and best price on all the action right here.

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If there is one way to check on The Oakland Athletics’ momentum, then its in their recent scores. Keep up to date with their next games at home and away, too.

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Finishing rock bottom of the American League West Division in 2015 sees Oakland Athletics, a team with nine World Series wins in history, start the seasons as underdogs. 

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We have to kick off with the bad news for A’s fans. It seems like purest fantasy to suggest that they can win the World Series in 2016. In fact, it’s higly doubtful that they will top the West Division. In 2015, they won jut 68 games, which put them bottom of the American League overall, an inglorious record for a team with so much happy historical success.

However, if there is any sport where a rotten season can be turned into a fruitful following year, it is baseball. The A’s don’t have to look too far for encouragement, with fellow West Division sides Astros and Rangers struggling two seasons ago before recovering the following year to make the 2015 playoffs. The Rangers topped the West Division, while the Astros landed a Wild Card berth.

You could back Oakland at +6000 to win the World Series at the start of the 2016 season, but it’s a credit to their start that they are now as short as +4000 (Bovada) and have come in to +2200 to win the AL Pennant.

We like them to win over 75.5 games in the season if their strong start lasts, and in bringing in both a pitcher and a hitter at what could be the peak of their careers, at least physically, they have given themselves a decent chance of improvement.