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Missing out on the postseason by one game last year, the 2015 Angels season ended in heartbreaking fashion. On the final contest of the regular season, the Halos faced division rival Texas in a pivotal game that, if Los Angeles won, would have entered them in a play-in game with the Astros to advance to the playoffs. Unfortunately, the Angels came up short and thus their season was finished early. Nonetheless, there were lots of notable accomplishments in 2015, the first of which starts with otherwordly centerfielder Mike Trout.


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Mike Trout, along with Washington Nationals superstar Bryce Harper, are the most talented players of their generation and Trout has lived up to his athletic gifts. Trout led Los Angeles in every major hitting category besides RBIs. His most outstanding totals include: home runs (41), batting average (.299) and most importantly, he had an outrageous 92 walks in 2015. That just goes to show you how much opposing pitchers fear the still-developing 24-year-old. While Trout is no doubt a superstar, he will need more support from his teammates for L.A. to make postseason run. 

Joining Trout in the hitting rotation is one of the most feared hitters of the 2000’s in Albert Pujols. The multiple time MVP (2005, 2008, 2009) has not been the featured bat like he was when he was in St. Louis, but is still a lethal weapon which is evidenced by his 40 home runs in 2015. The Angels have made it a point to protect Pujols to make sure he is healthy throughout the season so younger hitters who made progress in 2015 like Johnny Giavotella and Kole Calhoun, need to keep developing in 2016.  

Another variable to keep an eye on this season would be the cohesion of the Angels starting rotation. With its top five winningest pitchers from last year all returning, L.A. might be able to find a rhythm to get back to the postseason. 

With a superstar player from the last two decades in Pujols and Trout, one would imagine that the Angels would be the team to beat in the AL West. Well not so fast partner. While it is certainly true that the Halos are not lacking on big names, they do have a some holes in their infield rotation and also their pitching lineup. Both starters Matt Shoemaker and Jered Weaver had ERA’s (earned run averages) above 4.40 in 2015 and each gave up 24 home runs a piece. 

While the Angels did battle the Astros for the majority of 2015, a big factor in why the team had an uneven year could be that general manager Jerry DiPoto stepped down midseason after disagreeing with manager Mike Scioscia. Nonetheless, it also should be noted that L.A. was in striking distance of Houston for the majority of the year so there is definitely room for the Angels to take that next step in 2016. L.A. would need to make sure they build on their impressive home record from 2015 (49-32) as well to give them a reasonable shot at taking home the divisional title. 

For that to happen, another variable that wouldn’t hurt the team would be to have closer Huston Street play up to his All-Star form of 2014 and not to his mediocre performance of 2015. 

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