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With one of the closest divisional races in 2015 — the AL West champion wasn’t decided until the final day of the regular season — 2016 might be no different as the West division could come down to the wire again. Tabbed by many to take the next step in 2016 to the postseason, the Astros have started slow in 2016 but could still turn it around thanks to their young lineup. Though Houston has been the sexy pick to win the division, they still have to unseat the top-dog Texas Rangers. 


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How To Win At AL West Betting

Texas won the division last year thanks to a final day victory over the Los Angeles Angels and the Rangers could feature one of the best pitching in combos in baseball this year in Cole Hamels and Yu Darvish. While there are still some concerns about whether both players can stay healthy, the Rangers are still the team to beat thanks to their solidified hitting lineup. Following the Rangers and Astros are the Angels, which begin and end with perennial MVP candidate Mike Trout. Trout has put himself in position to make L.A. a consistent contender put he will need some help from his pitching staff this year. 

Seattle and the Oakland A’s are the final two teams in the division and while they do have their bright spots, both will have a much higher hill to climb than than the three teams mentioned above. Nonetheless, Seattle does still feature a Cy Young winner Felix Hernandez and the A’s have a potential future Cy Young award in pitcher Sonny Gray. 

With only three games seperating the top three teams in the division last season, the AL West could be in for a repeat performance this season. The key to success for each team could be distilled to these  broad, albeit simplified formulas.

The Rangers need their pitching rotation return to their All-Star billing dominance and stay healthy throughout the year. The Angels will need other players in the lineup to take the next step to take the pressure off of Trout and the aging Albert Pujols. The Astros are the most intersting in the team in the division in the sense that they could either challenge for the title or take a giant step back with their core of young players starting to wilt in the spotlight. 

With Seattle and Oakland still nipping at the heels of the leaders and offering a potential thorn in the side to the top dogs of the division, the AL West has the potential to be the most wide-open in the MLB this season. Nonetheless, there should be plenty of drama down the line which could make for some intriguing high-profile wagers especially in the final month and a half of the season. 

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