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Coming off a season where they finished just above .500 in 2015, the Indians look to improve in 2016. One of the biggest reasons Cleveland can improve is pitcher Corey Kluber, who was the 2014 AL Cy Young winner. Kluber led the AL in wins that season and set the Indians franchise record for most strikeouts in a game with 18 in 2015. Their lineup also features some reliable bats in designated hitter Carlos Santana, veterna Yan Gomes (the first Brazilian-born player in MLB history) and young gun shortstop Francisco Lindor.  [+]

However, the Indians biggest question mark is whether or not they can consistently edge out their divisional rivals in the AL Central. The Tribe did not post a winning record against any team in the division, and finished 9-10 against the eventual World Series champion Kansas City Royals. Unfortunately, they also were outsmarted by the lowly Twins (who they actually outscored during the season series) and outmuscled by the Detroit Tigers.


Cleveland Indians Betting Lines Today

With a 162-game schedule, you can expect a new Indians matchup daily so keep checking this tool regularly to make sure you are on top of the next matchup. [+]

What makes this tool better than wagering at a traditional sportsbook is that this matchup options will give you the rundown on over/under and also the odds for each matchup throughout the year at your fingertips. 

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Cleveland Indians Scores & Schedule

As is the case with the next game tool above, the schedule below will change almost daily given rain delays and games being postponed. [+]

This option is incredibly useful to keep checking out throughout the year so you have an expanded idea of what kind of the season the Indians are having.

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Cleveland Indians Standings Right Now

Just as critical to finding out who the Indians are playing next, is figuring out their place in the AL Central. Haven’t been able to keep up with the Tribe on a daily basis? [+]

No problem, as we got you covered with this constantly updated standings function which will give you a clear idea of where the Indians place in the American League. 

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How To Win at Cleveland Indians Betting

There are a whole assortment of variables you need to keep in mind before placing money down on the Tribe. For instance, you should know which starters are on deck for the Indians that day and who is on the disabled list.

For more in-depth information on the team, keep in mind that by the close of April of the 2016 season, the Indians could have one of the best closers in baseball in Cody Allen (fourth in the AL in saves in April) and also pitcher Corey Kluber who is fourth in the AL in strikeouts and was the winner of the 2014 Cy Young Award.

However, Cleveland will have to improve their abysmal 32-43 mark against divisional opponents from last season. That statistic might not tell the full story of the record though as the Tribe was only outscored by 15 runs last season in total against AL Central foes so a lot of these games in 2016 could come down to the wire. 

Nonetheless, Cleveland did post winning marks against the AL West (19-14) and East (18-15) last season and also against National League clubs (12-8).

If you’re looking for an interesting wager for the Indians, have a look at backing them in away games, as they posted a winning record last year on the road.

Cleveland could make for an interesting bet against top-flgiht teams as an underdog, but don’t bet on them to consistently knock off superior foes unless a clear ace emerges from their rotation. The Indians do some things well but they don’t feature a superstar hitter that can consistently get them out of jams.

With that in mind, please take a look at the table below to analyze the best wagering options for you and your wager. The partners list will give you a variety of different options for your bet.